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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today is my 9 month anniversary with Loren! such a sweetie...i just guess im lucky...anywho...its soo cold outside it ridiculous. so tomorrow is thanksgiving and i get to spend it with the fam...oh joy...ill try to see loren as much as possible we will work something out.
well im just sitting here since 8:30 since my first class was cancelled without us knowing it. so i needed a cup of coffee to get through this morning since i went to bed at 3:00...not a good idea. Loren and i had a good conversation about alot of things.
found out that my good friend Glenn is coming home for Christmas. He has been at basic training for the Army since November 9 i think. so it will be good to see him when he gets back in!
so the situation that happened 2 weeks ago still isnt resolved but who cares. ive come to the point where i dont care anymore about fixing things. its just that i always seem to find the same type of people to be friends with...and ever since senior year of high school, i grew some balls (figuratively) and didnt take that stupid shit. okay maybe i will fix things with certain people but not this one particular person. i dont even care if she reads this. i could care less. Im sick of everything she does. i was even told to tell this person how i feel. I feel like punching her in the face but of course cant do that definitely will get kicked off campus. but you know what i mean this is just like what happened senior year in high school. it had gotten to the point whenever the person talk it sounded like nails running down the chalkboard....aaahhh. so thats what it is like to be around this person!!! ahh

i feel a hell of a lot better after venting....

later on!


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