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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Thinking about...

well here I am sitting here...trying to figure out what to type and what to think! everything has changed. people change, things change. maybe everything for the better maybe everything for the worse. I have tried but I guess I should have tried harder..I dont know! anywho...i've decided to change from LJ to this. I think its about time for a change. A good change.
Well here I am once again, contemplating what to do what to here it goes. I have come to the conclusion that it is hard to make amends. I have tried. I have figured out that some people like to have conflict within their lives. Ive been through too much in the past few years that I really dont need anymore drama. I went through to much drama last year, and im not about to go through it again, but on a different level. But who knows. I think it is time for a change. Change for a better. I don't ask for much but maybe for some people it seems like a lot.
Come on, I have one of the best boyfriends any girl can ask for. We may have one of the strangest relationships in history but it keeps both of us on our toes. Then one of my best guy friends who I have know since he was a freshman in high school is currently at Basic Training for the Army. He will be gone for 5 years. He just turned 19 this past monday. Where will I be in 5 years? Wow, I cant even think that far ahead. A little scary I might add but who knows what the future may bring my way!!! Plus I want to take him out when he comes back so we can celebrate his 21st bday!!
Then there are my boyfriends friends (hopefully that made some sense) they are the best. I can honestly say that I have never been this close with my boyfriends friends! Some of the other ones have not been too nice to me but eehh what are you going to do about that!
This semester is almost over. im doing pretty good in my classes but I could do a lot better. So this next semester is going to be a crazy one since Im starting up softball again in january. There will be class, softball, boyfriend, friends, and family that will all have to be squeezed in.
Then there is May 7th, bitchs!! My 21st bday! of course we (softball team) will be at Conference. Way to celebrate my 21st bday!! sweet ass!! Cant wait. But hopefully there will be camping, boats, and bars with loren, adam, keith, tricia, and mikey this summer!!! Yes I am the youngest out of everyone that I hang out with!!! sweet! I love being the last one to turn 21!!
Definitely wrote a lot for my first post! But there were things that I needed to clarify and just needed to express!! But who knows if things will change....
Til next time!


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