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Friday, November 19, 2004


Once a long time ago...okay maybe like in high school. I was a bitch. You know the type of bitch where if you pissed me off, there was a good chance that more people would back me up over the person that was getting bitched at. I guess some people just piss me off more than others. Its kinda funny. I guess that i always seem to meet the same kind of people. Ones that will be your friends til the end of time or the kind that will be your friends than stab you in the back. So here it is. Shit goes down like 2 weeks ago. Ive done nothing wrong, not that i know of. Once you piss me off, i have no use for you anymore. once i lose trust for someone than it is extremely hard to get trust back. I dont know i guess that i have a trust issue. So anyways, Ive been told that i should try to make amends but it gets to the point that if i do start something its going get ugly. Ive been told that i should act civil about it but how can i when it just pisses me off that i have tried to make amend in the past few days. Maybe it comes down to the whole jealousy thing...i f'in hate that word. I wish jealousy was never a word.
I was thinking maybe this person is just jealous of something that i supposedly took away from them. well im sorry that person doesnt try to hang out with the rest of us but maybe that person should just invite themselves along all the time.
wow im a real bitch!!! f'in a peterman!!! yeah!! hahaha.
so anyways i went to a McAuley play last night with Loren. It wasnt that bad...kinda boring but it was funny to show loren that i learned to dress like a slob you know what im talking about....sweats, hoodie, hair all nice and messy in a bun!! that right!! the McAuley!! cant go wrong with that! anyways...i felt weird just being around my old school, but it brought back so many memories!!


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