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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Last night

Definitely had the best time last night wiht Loren, Adam, Keith, Tricia, and Mikey. So ill start at the beginning. I drove over to Adam's house last night and then we went to Menards like always to pick stuff up. So then Loren, Adam, and I met up with Keith and Tricia back at Adams house. After that we drove over to Loren's house to pick up his plow. There Mikey met us..."Mikey smells good" then eventually we went back to Adams house to watch the boys put the plow on the Jeep. So luckily i brought the Uno cards with so Tricia, myself, mikey and keith played some mean rounds of Uno!
then someone got the idea to bog the focus...who would seriously bog a ford focus. so tricia and i went with mikey down to uncle joey's lot to bog " who needs 4by when you gots a foci" then we came back to show off the boggin'. Then we drove around then cruised J street and went back for more boggin but with 4 of us now...Mikey, keith, tricia and myself. We definitely got stuck, got high off the fumes from the car being stuck in the mud, and had to have the rescue crew come out and rescue us aka Loren and Adam with Loren's quad.
So i have decided that i want to go to Country Thunder this summer with loren and see if keith,tricia,adam, and mikey can go with!! i think that would be fuckin' awesome!

Later on!


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