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Here is the place where i can rant and rave. Its time for a change! A change for the better!

Friday, November 26, 2004


Yesterday was a good time. Had dinner with my Family according to Adam now...we are the Carlsons not the Petersons. then Loren and Adam picked me up from my cousin's grandmas house. So after they got introduced we left a few minutes later. The nwe drove to Loren's house, where they took the plow off of Loren's jeep and i changed into Loren's pants and Adam's hoodie. Sweet new clothes. After that we went back to Adams house to hang out like always. Keith and Tricia joined us there eventually we went to White Castle's to celebrate our own Thanksgiving Dinner. Like always we went back to Adam's house to watch "Scorpion King"
I can honestly say that i had one of the best Thanksgiving... I usually dont hang out with my friends. and nothing can beat being with your family and friends on the holidays.
So now i have to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas for people. Tricia and I both decided that we are both buying Adam hoodies that we like and that dont fit him! I believe that is a very good idea!

Later on!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today is my 9 month anniversary with Loren! such a sweetie...i just guess im lucky...anywho...its soo cold outside it ridiculous. so tomorrow is thanksgiving and i get to spend it with the fam...oh joy...ill try to see loren as much as possible we will work something out.
well im just sitting here since 8:30 since my first class was cancelled without us knowing it. so i needed a cup of coffee to get through this morning since i went to bed at 3:00...not a good idea. Loren and i had a good conversation about alot of things.
found out that my good friend Glenn is coming home for Christmas. He has been at basic training for the Army since November 9 i think. so it will be good to see him when he gets back in!
so the situation that happened 2 weeks ago still isnt resolved but who cares. ive come to the point where i dont care anymore about fixing things. its just that i always seem to find the same type of people to be friends with...and ever since senior year of high school, i grew some balls (figuratively) and didnt take that stupid shit. okay maybe i will fix things with certain people but not this one particular person. i dont even care if she reads this. i could care less. Im sick of everything she does. i was even told to tell this person how i feel. I feel like punching her in the face but of course cant do that definitely will get kicked off campus. but you know what i mean this is just like what happened senior year in high school. it had gotten to the point whenever the person talk it sounded like nails running down the chalkboard....aaahhh. so thats what it is like to be around this person!!! ahh

i feel a hell of a lot better after venting....

later on!

Monday, November 22, 2004


Definitely had another great night on Saturday night! Hung out with Loren, Adam, Tricia, Keith, and Mikey. So we hung out at Adam's house all night llong. Eventually we bogged the Focus...thats right "who needs 4by,when you gots a foci!!" Definitley got high off the fumes from the car!!! then eventually cruised J street!
plus i promised amy that we would take her boggin the next time...f'in a peterman!

later on!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Last night

Definitely had the best time last night wiht Loren, Adam, Keith, Tricia, and Mikey. So ill start at the beginning. I drove over to Adam's house last night and then we went to Menards like always to pick stuff up. So then Loren, Adam, and I met up with Keith and Tricia back at Adams house. After that we drove over to Loren's house to pick up his plow. There Mikey met us..."Mikey smells good" then eventually we went back to Adams house to watch the boys put the plow on the Jeep. So luckily i brought the Uno cards with so Tricia, myself, mikey and keith played some mean rounds of Uno!
then someone got the idea to bog the focus...who would seriously bog a ford focus. so tricia and i went with mikey down to uncle joey's lot to bog " who needs 4by when you gots a foci" then we came back to show off the boggin'. Then we drove around then cruised J street and went back for more boggin but with 4 of us now...Mikey, keith, tricia and myself. We definitely got stuck, got high off the fumes from the car being stuck in the mud, and had to have the rescue crew come out and rescue us aka Loren and Adam with Loren's quad.
So i have decided that i want to go to Country Thunder this summer with loren and see if keith,tricia,adam, and mikey can go with!! i think that would be fuckin' awesome!

Later on!

Friday, November 19, 2004


Once a long time ago...okay maybe like in high school. I was a bitch. You know the type of bitch where if you pissed me off, there was a good chance that more people would back me up over the person that was getting bitched at. I guess some people just piss me off more than others. Its kinda funny. I guess that i always seem to meet the same kind of people. Ones that will be your friends til the end of time or the kind that will be your friends than stab you in the back. So here it is. Shit goes down like 2 weeks ago. Ive done nothing wrong, not that i know of. Once you piss me off, i have no use for you anymore. once i lose trust for someone than it is extremely hard to get trust back. I dont know i guess that i have a trust issue. So anyways, Ive been told that i should try to make amends but it gets to the point that if i do start something its going get ugly. Ive been told that i should act civil about it but how can i when it just pisses me off that i have tried to make amend in the past few days. Maybe it comes down to the whole jealousy thing...i f'in hate that word. I wish jealousy was never a word.
I was thinking maybe this person is just jealous of something that i supposedly took away from them. well im sorry that person doesnt try to hang out with the rest of us but maybe that person should just invite themselves along all the time.
wow im a real bitch!!! f'in a peterman!!! yeah!! hahaha.
so anyways i went to a McAuley play last night with Loren. It wasnt that bad...kinda boring but it was funny to show loren that i learned to dress like a slob you know what im talking about....sweats, hoodie, hair all nice and messy in a bun!! that right!! the McAuley!! cant go wrong with that! anyways...i felt weird just being around my old school, but it brought back so many memories!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

For the McAuley girls!!

I went to school with 2000 girls and understand the fact that somedays, you just can't shower. I know "why we tell the story" and do a damn good job at dancing around with streamers. I know that $1 can buy you 3 cookies and see the true humor behind laffy taffy jokes. I wear backless shoes, ankle socks and don't zipper my skirt. I'm represented by a dancing 'M' with a pom pom and I'M NOT ASHAMED! I'm from McAuley and I'm damn proud of it! Once you go never go back!

Thats right girls!!!! Im proud to be a Mighty Mac!!!

Thinking about...

well here I am sitting here...trying to figure out what to type and what to think! everything has changed. people change, things change. maybe everything for the better maybe everything for the worse. I have tried but I guess I should have tried harder..I dont know! anywho...i've decided to change from LJ to this. I think its about time for a change. A good change.
Well here I am once again, contemplating what to do what to here it goes. I have come to the conclusion that it is hard to make amends. I have tried. I have figured out that some people like to have conflict within their lives. Ive been through too much in the past few years that I really dont need anymore drama. I went through to much drama last year, and im not about to go through it again, but on a different level. But who knows. I think it is time for a change. Change for a better. I don't ask for much but maybe for some people it seems like a lot.
Come on, I have one of the best boyfriends any girl can ask for. We may have one of the strangest relationships in history but it keeps both of us on our toes. Then one of my best guy friends who I have know since he was a freshman in high school is currently at Basic Training for the Army. He will be gone for 5 years. He just turned 19 this past monday. Where will I be in 5 years? Wow, I cant even think that far ahead. A little scary I might add but who knows what the future may bring my way!!! Plus I want to take him out when he comes back so we can celebrate his 21st bday!!
Then there are my boyfriends friends (hopefully that made some sense) they are the best. I can honestly say that I have never been this close with my boyfriends friends! Some of the other ones have not been too nice to me but eehh what are you going to do about that!
This semester is almost over. im doing pretty good in my classes but I could do a lot better. So this next semester is going to be a crazy one since Im starting up softball again in january. There will be class, softball, boyfriend, friends, and family that will all have to be squeezed in.
Then there is May 7th, bitchs!! My 21st bday! of course we (softball team) will be at Conference. Way to celebrate my 21st bday!! sweet ass!! Cant wait. But hopefully there will be camping, boats, and bars with loren, adam, keith, tricia, and mikey this summer!!! Yes I am the youngest out of everyone that I hang out with!!! sweet! I love being the last one to turn 21!!
Definitely wrote a lot for my first post! But there were things that I needed to clarify and just needed to express!! But who knows if things will change....
Til next time!